10-class Passes – Reservation required for all classes.

50-minute classes = $170, valid for 10 weeks
110-minute classes = $300, valid for 12 weeks – only Saturdays
60-minute classes = $180, valid for 9 classes – Saturday Global Exploradores classes only. Single class $25.
3 hour classes = $425, valid for 12 weeks

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Our Curriculum…

Focuses on communication and on cultural awareness
Our program focuses on the development of listening and speaking skills and on cultural awareness. Grammar is not the focus, but is learned indirectly rather than through direct instruction. The program follows the natural sequence of language learning: understanding > speaking > reading > writing. The ¡Viva el Español! program provides a progressive and coordinated approach to the development of communication skills. As students progress in oral language comprehension, reading and writing skills are introduced.

Is content-enriched
The ¡Viva el Español! curriculum is content-enriched, meaning that we integrate learning of a specific subject area with language development so that language is acquired in a meaningful context. We use instructional techniques appropriate for children, and typical lesson plans include songs, rhymes, arts, crafts, games, play-acting, and other physical activities that appeal to children.

Elementary School Classes

  • Open to 1st through 5th graders
  • Classes available Monday through Friday for 50 minutes at many times to accommodate busy families
  • Students attend classes appropriate to their level of proficiency, and advance at their own pace throughout the year.  Students will be tested periodically for mastery of the material within their level.  When a student demonstrates mastery of the material at their current level, he/she will be promoted to the following level.
  • Levels in order of proficiency are Blanco, Amarillo, Anaranjado, Verde, Azul, Morado.

Pre-School – Kindergarten Classes

  • Open to 3-5 year olds (drop-off by parent/caregiver)
  • Classes available Monday through Saturday at various times
  • Choose the shorter 50 minute classes, or the longer 3 hour classes to maximize learning. Click here to register.
  • Kids attend various times during the week, as their schedule allows
  • Classes are specially designed to encourage and support daily use of the Spanish language. We cover themes that are relevant to your child’s life and learn words that are easy to remember and use outside of class. Books, songs and activities compliment age-appropriate art projects for each theme.
  • Click here to download a document on our pre-school philosophy and approach, and sample daily schedule!
  • Daily schedule includes: greetings, music/dancing/movement, stories, art projects, hands-on activities, learning games, imaginative play
  • Los Bilingüitos special class for bilingual children ages 4+ offered daily. Children in this class must have total comprehension of classroom commands and conversation, strong recall of vocabulary spanning a wide range of kid-friendly themes, and be able to put together phrases in Spanish. Participation requires assessment and teacher approval.

Saturday Spanish

  • Open to 3-5 & 6-10 year olds (drop-off by parent/caregiver)
  • Saturdays 10:30am – 12:20pm (snack time included)
  • The Saturday 10-class pass is valid for 12 weeks giving great flexibility to your busy family life!
  • Classes include storytelling, music, art and games that teach and encourage use of Spanish vocabulary and phrases. We cover themes that are relevant to your child’s daily life and learn words that are easy to remember and use outside of class.
  • Perfect for working parents or families with a busy after-school schedule.

Global Exploradores

  • An A-Z art-based Spanish language journey through the alphabet and the globe!  Come learn Spanish and … CREATE, EXPRESS, DISCOVER, and PLAY!
  • Global Exploradores is an art-based approach to learning and practicing Spanish in a multicultural environment with global destinations as inspiration. In this student-lead program, children will connect to the language through multi-media projects. The Global Exploradores pedagogy nurtures language acquisition, fosters cultural curiosity, celebrates diversity, and encourages self expression.dology aims to nurture cultural curiosity, celebrates diversity, and encourage self-expression in a safe and engaging environment.
  • Saturdays K-2nd grade: 1:30-2:30 pm, 2-4th grade: 2:45-3:45 pm    

Parent & Me

  • Open to 1-3 year olds in Lafayette Site, who attend with their parent or caregiver
  • Open to 1-4 year olds in Marin Site, who attend with their parent or caregiver
  • The Parent & Me 10-class pass is valid for 12 weeks giving you great flexibility with your little one
  • Where parent and child learn Spanish side-by-side! Through art projects, music & movement, games, books and imaginative play you will learn vocabulary related to a variety kid-friendly themes. We’ll even provide you resources to practice at home.
  • A dynamic, musical class where children learn alongside their parent or guardian. This 50-minute class explores various relevant, child-friendly themes, through music, singalongs, movement and dance, interactive sensory activities, and art projects. Each class is structured to engage the child in creative exploration of the Spanish language and culture, while  learning a new thematic or cultural song every week. Please reserve your spot in class on line!

Teen Classes – “Los Chavos”

  • Open to 6th through 9th graders
  • Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced classes.  Your child will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level class.
  • Purchase a 10-class pass that is valid for 10 weeks
  • This class covers vocabulary and conversation of interest to today’s teens. The focus is to practice conversation and pronunciation skills, as well as review grammar, reading and writing to supplement school-based classes, using the same textbooks as the local schools.
  • Please click here to download the flyer for classes in Lafayette, Summer 2017.
  • Please click here to register for classes in Lafayette, Summer 2017.
  • Please click here to download the flyer & registration form for classes in Marin, Summer 2017

Teen Internships

  • Do you want to practice your Spanish? Do you love being around kids? Are you interested in learning about teaching from a young, dynamic group of teachers? Join us to sing, dance, cook, paint, and play games with kids – en español!
  • You will be a teacher’s aide helping with our after-school classes, or a camp counselor for our themed Summer Camps. Either way, you will be working side-by-side our experienced, fluent Spanish teachers.
  • These are volunteer internship positions. Days/hours can be flexible to accommodate your schedule.
  • For East Bay & Marin applicants, please click here to fill out an application online.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

  • For middle school and high school students who love Spanish and want some extra practice time, or for those needing an extra boost in Spanish at school. Our teachers will tailor a lesson plan specific to your child’s needs to help him/her with conversation, grammar, and foreign language study skills. We have worked with all textbooks that local schools use.
  • Download the flyer  and the registration form for classes in Lafayette.
  • Download the flyer  and the registration form for classes in Mill Valley.

School-Based Programs

  • We offer our pre-school and elementary school programs on campus at various schools in the area. At each school our program is tailored to the specific needs of that school. If you are interested in having Viva el Español Spanish classes offered at your school, please call us at 925-962-9177 for more information.